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Someday after a world deluge, a collision with a comet or any other end of the world, we will be again sitting in our kitchen and feel its warmth. It will be very, very quiet – as quiet as it usually is only after the end of the world is already over. We will speak very little, because everything is already gone through and thought over. We will be just sitting in our kitchen. And reply to the rare utterances of each other with a thoughtful “Ye-eah…”

Then we will begin to recall.

We cannot keep silence for too long. In our house silence cannot be preserved, because the door opens too often. Well, not even because of this.

To keep silent and to be together is hard. But this will be just the case.

And yet we cannot keep silence for too long. The air of our kitchen contains lots and lots of words. Lots and lots of endless conversations which have begun here.

And we will begin to recall.

If tea still exists – we will drink tea. Everything has happened so recently, and it is still stupid to ask “Do you remember?” But there was so much of everything, so many cities names songs blankets love bottles letters laughter tickets guitars holidays sadness guests doubts… We were born not so long ago, but we have been living for so long by now. Sometimes we can foresee, but this time we had not expected what would happen. We are realists when reality is like a fairy-tale, but we did not want frightening tales.

Everything has been said and told over and over again, we searched for causes and signs, and it looks like we have found everything. Now, at last, it is quiet twilight. Not gloomy, but just white sky. And we are now on the very edge of that narrow line which separates the end from the beginning. We will stay here for a while. The alarm clock is not much respected in our home, so we will not find out for how long. We will sit, look at each other and drink tea, seeing in each of us the reflection of each other’s thoughts. Feel much closer and older. Still in this same kitchen of ours…